Lion Heart Foundation

Lion Heart Foundation

Early in 2006 the Lion Heart Foundation was founded after three Dutch doctors visited the Magbenteh hospital in Makeni, Sierra Leone. Shocked by the poverty they saw in this country, ravaged by the civil war, the three doctors decided to set up a foundation to support the local population in a sustainable manner.

The name ‘Lion Heart Foundation’ was chosen to underline the ‘leonine’ courage which had prevailed during the construction of the Magbenteh hospital in one of the poorest countries in Africa.

Originally, the Foundation only intended to adopt the Magbenteh hospital and thereby prevent it from closure. But the story does not end there.
In cooperation with local stakeholders and the motto ‘do and learn’ the Lion Heart Foundation developed the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ program.

With this program we hope to limit dependency on third parties and increase self-sufficiency. By actively involving local people in our activities, we build up local knowledge and expertise, motivation grows and paves the way to achieve results. For example, in recent years we managed to build a hospital, a palm oil factory, a hydro-electric power station and a water treatment plant.
We also supplied various schools with materials and focused on educating the local population.


The overall objectives of the Lion Heart Foundation are to permanently improve medical care and to stimulate economic activities in Sierra Leone, with the aim of achieving sustainability.

The specific objectives are as follows:

  • Raise funds for the benefit of different projects and the management costs of the Lion Heart Medical Centre, run by the LHF;
  • Build capacity with the help of (Dutch) professionals;
  • Support the medical doctors and the local medical staff by sending medical flights to the hospital on a regular basis;
  • Transport materials and/or medical equipments and goods;
  • Develop a sustainable financial plan by initiating economic activities - a support program for farmers, building of a palmoil factory, the renovation of the hydro-electric power plant and an educational project in Yele; (see Best of Both Worlds Project)
De belevenissen van de familie Bussink in Yele.
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Steunt zowel de bouw van de isolatieafdeling, als het bouwen van een solarpark bij het Lion Heart Medical Centre!
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