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Meet Anton and Daphne Bussink

Since the beginning of 2018 Anton Bussink is working as a hospital administrator at the Lion Heart Medical Centre. In this role he takes care of all the non-medical issues of the hospital such as finance, human resource management, stock acquisitions, storage and maintenance of the hospital. 

It is his responsibility to direct the accountant, facility manager, storekeeper and the cleaners. Along with medical superintendent Markus, Anton manages the hospital, together they are responsible for the daily routine. 

Originally Anton is trained as a biochemist, after his promotion in medical biochemistry he followed the master’s program in International Health. In addition, he has a lot of working experience in the tropics, he has worked for various employers in Africa and Asia for many years. As a result he knows how health systems work and what it means to keep an organisation running in an environment with limited resources. 

Anton’s wife Daphne also works in the hospital. Daphne is a doctor in International Health and Tropical Medicine and has worked in Thailand and Zambia. She is an all-round doctor and is particularly experienced in obstetrics. This is very useful due to the fact that Sierra Leone has one of the highest maternal and infant deaths.

Anton en Daphne live together with their daughter Hella (2 years old) and son Boris (6 months old) in Yele. In between their busy working- and family life they try to keep their blog up to date. 


De belevenissen van de familie Bussink in Yele.
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